Project for POLIMODA MA in Fashion Trend Forecasting - 2019

Project Scope

The project's purpose was to develop a long term trend forecast. Based on the previous analysis and observation of the world we live in, the modern culture, our instincts, and ethnographic research. It aims to predict a trend, giving a possible archetype for it, a color palette, and materials.

Starting Point

We felt the need to talk about the body and the attention (or lack of) we are giving to it today. We found that many people perceived that the connection between mind and body is unbalanced, so we named it misconnection.

But why we feel a misconnection?

lixo oceano.jpg

The Trend


When the soul meets the soil. The balance, the connection between two distant but complementary forces.

Our true self, our animus drives, and guides through lifetime paths, that aims to provide the meaning to what we experience, while moss it links to the ground, disseminating, and seen as playful and what keeps people connected to their roots while spreading it.


Experimental beingness

There is an urgency to go back to what is real, the core of what surrounds us, and to highlight the raw, natural side living in each one, is aiming to tase the most primordial side of people and wake it up from torpor.
Contamination is an exchange of materials and messages, communicated in a nonverbal way, it is what people need the most every day: reconnect to reality.


Intangible Introspection

There is a common thread linking humans among each other and with the universe. It’s imperceivable in a way and is a powerful puller on the other. In a world full of noise and barriers it is almost impossible to detect it and be guided by. It can be imperceivable, but then, it is a safe space inside everyone. It is a very personal process and requires to build our sensitivity, empathy and looking at what is further corporeal.

experimental .png

Color Palettes




It is a combination of four words that together make the archetype of the trend.

Scarab, or the 'dung beetle', symbolizes eternal life and rebirth. It was also used as an element of luck and protection by the ancient Egyptians. So, if you have the choice of continuing on the same path you have taken so far, or if you can peer down the path that holds a new awakening and enlightenment of the cosmic elements and forces, which one would you choose? 


“Cara” (face in Spanish and Portuguese) is someone's identity, the first recognition. Every person has his or her own facets, making them unique individuals 

Scar is a mark on the skin, but also a trace of experience, life and time passing.

And last, the word bello resembling the beauty and uniqueness of nature in life

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