Final project for Senai CETIQT BA in fashion design - 2015

This project aims to develop a womenswear collection inspired by the study of atemporality in fashion. The base for the study was fashionable styles that have a timeless concept in their nature. The focus of the project is to create clothes for women that last indefinitely and combine style and quality at the same time. 


Nowadays many products have their life shortened on purpose and clothes are designed to be ephemeral, either in style or quality. As one of the most polluting industries in the world, the fashion industry (and the way we buy) need to change. This project was based on the study of timelessness in fashion and its most current concepts, which concern sustainability, conscious consumption and the development of a collection for the present and future.


The research led to the splitting of four styles that are often associated with the concept of timelessness in fashion: Classic, Vintage, Minimalism, and Slow. It was used papers and articles about de slowdown of consumption nowadays and its effects in fashion, together with the following steps:


Theoretical Research

Benchmarking and case study


Target Consumer and Persona development

Joining the questionnaire answers with benchmarking it was possible to understand the aspirational client of the collection further designed.

Along with that, the style and behavior of some local women with influential personalities were observed to help create this persona. 


Age: 35 years old

City: Rio de Janeiro

Profession: Art curator 

Interests: Cinema, museums and art galleries, ecology and wellbeing 

Buying Power: $$$

Wants: Good quality clothes with natural fabrics and good design

Creative Process

After the gathering of all the information above, it was time for the development of the collection. The analysis of trend reports was essential to complement the researches and to come up with something original. After the analysis, I did a brainstorming that resulted in 4 different mood boards (separating the styles).  

Moodboard slow.png

Collection and etc

Color palette




Collection mix

coleção 1.png
coleção 2.png
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