The Masquerade 

Project for POLIMODA MA in Fashion Trend Forecasting - 2019


Project Scope

The project is focusing on a research of an upcoming aesthetic direction that is defining the contemporary perception of beauty; visual qualities; emotional values and social meaning assigned to them. Together with it, it was researched an in-depth analysis of its roots and reasons for its origin, key concepts, and innovation points.

Starting Point

The concept and function of masks in a Western cultural context is associated with the idea of disguise. The mask is intended to hide identity, revealing something different. However, some masks have a different role. The wearer of a mask signals his readiness to receive the unseen, a spiritual and unearthly visitation, a possession.


Today, the new version of masks can be perceived in two different categories: the virtual filters and with makeup. 

Makeup has been used for many centuries. During some periods of history, it was forbidden, during others, it was almost mandatory. However, it does not matter where or when, makeup always had the purpose of being a group identifier, making us feel that people belong to "their tribe". 

But recently we are facing a boom of playful, escapists, and fanciful makeup. Far from perfect, it seems that people just want to try new things and have fun. The world is too boring and problematic to be serious all the time.

Together with this, another phenomenon explosion is the virtual face filters. Started with a simpler version of Photoshop and about being perfect, but now, the filters evolved to something also related to playfulness and making fun of ourselves. People want to look extreme, or even far from human-like, as a dog or as a fruit. But how long this is going to last? and what's next?

The Future is a bunch of questions

  • Why has the face been in evidence so much in the last few years?


  • Are masks showing how we feel inside or covering up? 

  • Do we feel insecure and a lack of privacy so we want to hide who we really are? Do we want to remain anonymous?

  • Or are we showing a hidden identity? 

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